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Office Of The Day: Edgewater, NJ

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Welcome to #OOTD and no, I am not talking about outfits! With working from home being the new norm, it can get old to actually .. work from home. Follow this blog and my new social media pages on Instagram & TikTok to find the best #OOTD - Office of The Day; that will help switch up your work environment!

Hi! I'm Michelle, owner of More Cheese Please NJ! There is nothing I love more than finding new cute & aesthetic cafe's to do work from, so I have decided to create a space where I will be reviewing various cafe's within the New Jersey and New York City area.

Today, we are working at Kuppi Coffee Company!

Kuppi Coffee Company

Kuppi Coffee has such a warm vibe & cozy vibe. They take an industrial approach on their interior design which I personally enjoy. It has a very unfinished ... yet finished vibe if that makes sense? But, the best part is the view!!! This cafe is located right on the water which is super nice & there is seating right out on the water which is amazing in the spring/summer time!

Vanilla Cold Brew

What I don't love, is the seating & the fact that they do not provide WiFi. After being here for about 4 hours, I started getting very uncomfortable. The wooden & metal stools provided are not ideal for long work sessions and the lack of WiFi is super inconvenient for anyone without a hot spot. I would recommend this more for a work break rather than an office of the day.

Now, moving on to food & drink, 10000% recommend. I ordered the iced vanilla cold brew which was super yummy and came in a cute mason jar! I also ordered the "Fried Chicken Kuppreme" which was also a 10/10. The crunch was insane and the brioche bun complimented the fried chicken perfectly!

Fried Chicken Kuppreme

Over all, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this spot to go to get work done at, just because of the uncomfortable seating and lack of WiFi -- but definitely stop by for a bite and a coffee!

Make sure to follow along on instagram & tiktok for another Office Of The Day!

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