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Office of The Day: Jersey City, NJ

Today's Office: Semicolon Cafe located in Jersey City, NJ!

Welcome to #OOTD and no, I am not talking about outfits! With working from home being the new norm, it can get old to actually .. work from home. Follow this blog and my new social media pages on Instagram & TikTok to find the best #OOTD - Office of The Day; that will help switch up your work environment!

Hi! I'm Michelle, owner of More Cheese Please NJ! There is nothing I love more than finding new cute & aesthetic cafe's to do work from, so I have decided to create a space where I will be reviewing various cafe's within the New Jersey and New York City area.

Today, we are working at Semicolon Cafe!

Semicolon Cafe

Based off the pictures on Google, I was super excited to visit this cafe! Right on the water, this cafe makes the perfect #OOTD! This two level location has the cutest aesthetic with real plants, marble tables, and wooden paneling. The floor to ceiling windows allow natural light and beautiful views of the skyline, truly a beautiful location to work in. With outlets near every table, it is easy to plug in and stay for a while! (WiFi Password: Semi1234)

The food and drink is what sealed the deal for me! I ordered one of their many egg sandwiches and their seasonal speciality drink - The Lady Matcha. First up, this sandwich. Wow. What a way to start your morning, this Avocado Egg sandwich was so flavorful and satisfying! It comes with Scrambled eggs with grilled corn, green leaf lettuce, avocado, and red onion on toasted brioche bread with paprika sauce and lime. I was hesitant about the corn at first, but it somehow works.

As far as the matcha??? YUM. This strawberry milk & matcha combo is something I never knew I needed. The bitterness of the matcha + the sweetness of the strawberry milk crafts the most perfect drink, I can't wait to go back and order it again! To top it off, they gave me an edible straw which was super cool!

Avocado Egg Sandwich & Lady Matcha Tea

The one downfall to this location is the parking. Due to this cafe being in Jersey City, there is only street parking which can be hard to locate. I ended up just parking in a garage, so if you are a local to the area, walking over would be your best bet!

Once again, another 10/10 from me! This is an #OOTD I will surely be coming back to, be sure to stop by and give them a visit! Make sure to follow along on instagram & tiktok for another Office Of The Day!

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