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Office of The Day: Bogota, NJ

Welcome to #OOTD and no, I am not talking about outfits! With working from home being the new norm, it can get old to actually .. work from home. Follow this blog and my new social media pages on Instagram & TikTok to find the best #OOTD - Office of The Day; that will help switch up your work environment!

Hi! I'm Michelle, owner of More Cheese Please NJ! There is nothing I love more than finding new cute & aesthetic cafe's to do work from, so I have decided to create a space where I will be reviewing various cafe's within the New Jersey and New York City area.

Today, we are working at Bogota Press Cafe!

Bogota Press Cafe

I truly cannot explain to you enough how much I enjoyed this place! Bogota Press Cafe gets an all around 10/10 from me! As always, let's start with the aesthetic - their style is very simplistic, clean, and modern. It is a very open layout, which I love, and the floor to ceiling windows allow so much natural light to come in - all making it very easy to stay a while and get work done. They have good amount of seating and outlets near each table and of course, free WiFi! (Password: bogotapress)

To top it all off, they also have some fun instagramable moments throughout the cafe! Their newspaper wall is a perfect photo op and their bathroom?! The cutest! (Check out my TikTok for visuals)

Hibiscus Half & Half

One of the most unique things of this cafe, is that they cater to kids! With such a cute little kids corner, this makes it easy for moms/dads to come grab a coffee with a friend and keep their kids occupied! With this being said, if you are coming to get work done make sure to bring some headphones (lol).

Time for food & drink. They have such an extensive menu - from traditional breakfast sandwiches to fun "stuffles" (stuffed waffles), you will surely find something you'd be interested in! In fact, I stood at the register for longer than usual trying to decide between all of their options because everything just sounded so good! Thanks to one of the employees, I was steered in the right direction and got the "Chavocado" which was arguably one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

Chavocado Sandwich

The "Chavocado" is made with grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, muenster cheese, & "bogota press" sauce! It had the perfect crunch and cheesiness. For sure a 10/10, I 1000000% recommend. For my beverage, I tried their "hibiscus half & half" but if you like your drinks on the sweeter side, this one may not be for you. It is more on the bitter side, but I enjoyed it. Besides teas, they have a variety of fun drinks that all look delicious.

All in all, I had a great experience. This is an #OOTD I will most definitely be coming back to. I also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Sherry, who was such a sweetheart! I could just tell how much love she put into this cafe which shows through the service and atmosphere. You guys need to make your way over here and give them a visit!

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