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Office of The Day: Nutley, NJ

Welcome to #OOTD and no, I am not talking about outfits! With working from home being the new norm, it can get old to actually .. work from home. Follow this blog and my new social media pages on Instagram & TikTok to find the best #OOTD - Office of The Day; that will help switch up your work environment!

Hi! I'm Michelle, owner of More Cheese Please NJ! There is nothing I love more than finding new cute & aesthetic cafe's to do work from, so I have decided to create a space where I will be reviewing various cafe's within the New Jersey and New York City area.

Today, we are working at Sugar Tree Cafe!

Sugar Tree Cafe

Today's office is one of New Jersey's most recent viral cafe's! I'd be surprised if you have not seen this spot at least once on your fyp - which is why I had planned to not visit this one. But after a handful of requests, here is my review on the infamous Sugar Tree Cafe!

Aesthetically speaking, yes - this cafe is a gem. The photo ops are endless, the owners did an amazing job with the interior design. From the gorgeous tree in the middle of the cafe being the focal point, to the beautiful designated space for large parties in the rear of the cafe; there is no way you can visit this spot without taking some cute pics! For that reason, I would totally recommend stopping in!

Reserved Large Party Seating

Now, as far as utilizing this cafe as an #OOTD, it is not high on my list. Mainly because they only allow 30 minute complimentary wifi which I find strange? I did not even ask what the charge is for longer wifi usage, because no matter the price, it would not be worth it. Second, they seem to really emphasize their limited seating rule of 90 minutes. With these two extremely limiting factors, it makes it hard to set up camp and get a solid amount of work done here.

Moving on to food & drink, I found what I ordered to be average. I ordered a chocolate croissant (that had barely any chocolate) and a french vanilla latte with oat milk. The coffee was okay but I was disappointed with the croissant. I also visited this spot months ago and ordered the avocado toast which was not bad; but nothing amazing. Now, I cannot speak for everything else on the menu, but I am not driven to come back for more.

Iced French Vanilla Latte with Oat Milk

They do offer cool coffee art which is something that makes them stand out! You simply air drop them an image and they place an edible decal in your coffee for only an additional $2! This is a very cool add on that I have never heard before, so they get some points for this unique service!

Chocolate Croissant

All in all, Sugar Tree Cafe is definitely worth a visit for a cute brunch date, but do not expect to be blown away by anything other than the aesthetic. I would not recommend coming here to get work done, it does not pass the #OOTD test.

Make sure to follow along on instagram & tiktok for another Office Of The Day!

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